Waterproof RFID UHF Button Laundry Tag

NFC Tags resistant to high temperatures and prolonged immersion.

Ideal for integration into clothing, to identify clothes and accessories uniquely, to track them, or to ensure their authenticity. They have 2 small holes to be easily applied to textile material.

Resistance to washing at high temperatures:
up to 12 minutes for washing at 90?C / 194?F
up to 40 minutes for washing at 45?C / 113?F

Round, diameter 22 mm / 0.866”
Thickness: about 2.1 mm / 0.082”
2 holes; diameter: 1 mm / 0.039”

NFC chips:
NXP Ntag213, with?universal compatibility
Scan counter
Digital signature of manufacturer
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz

Made of PPS (polifenilensulfide)

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Laundry NFC Tags, specially made to resist to Washing at high temperatures. Suitable for?clothing, thanks also to 2 little holes.