SH-L7423 RFID Self-adhesive Label

1.Anti-counterfeit and anti-metastasis of product (fragile paper/copper paper with knife marks)

1)Anti- metastasis

It can not be used again, because it would be completely destroyed.


The unique global coding TID (tag identifier) cannot be modified after production. You can identify the authenticity of tag by integrated machine and the TID.

2.Rewritable information of chip

RFID tags adhere to each packaging of goods, could be identified by fixed or handheld reader. And the goods? information, which could include storage location, delivery and details, is written on the chip.

3.Warehouse management of in and out

1)Warehouse keeper has to check each good to make sure it is qualified based on orders when it put in or out the warehouse.

2)Warehouse keeper passes the qualified goods to stored keeper.

3)The information of goods will be uploaded to the host to compare with the prior orders when it goes through the fixed reader at the warehouse entrance.

4.Real-time inventory

Collecting data by handheld reader, such as material tab, shelves and quantity.

The main job of making an inventory is scanning the labels and location data. System can classify and make an inventory of goods automatically basing on preset data.

5.Logistics management

1) The self-adhesive label can track the product?s location, status and other information during transport.

2) The software can link the ID with the product of the order.

3) Installing readers to each vehicle, then you could know a real-time status of goods, throughout the process of loading and unloading of goods.

4) In case of any error or loss of the goods, the system will send an alert.

6.The Smart Supermarket

Shopping carts can communicate with RFID systems to guide shoppers around the store. It helps shoppers manage shopping lists, pay for items, and find products in the store.

Shoppers can find the way to get items, or organize a grocery list by aisle to make shopping easier. RFID systems can also enable real-time price checks and allows customers to pay for items through the cart, without having to go through a checkout line.

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SH-L7423 can package into wet inlay, standard card or the other heterotypic tags, achieving the needs of industry, and application.
It is convenient to stick with the characteristics that are widely applied to aviation, warehousing, retail, clothing, medical, anti-counterfeiting and other fields.
Our excellent R&D team can customize the design of high-performance tag antenna with a special specification.