Pocket-sized Scanner CipherLab 1660

. Maximum Mobility and Durability in Pocket-size
. Optimum Storage Capacity and reliable Data Transmission
. Instant Pairing via Bluetooth
. Long Lasting Performance, Optimal Productivity

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The 1600 series is designed to meet the scanning needs in healthcare, field sales and field service. With the reader options of linear imager, laser, and 2D imager, it can effectively capture data from high density barcodes up to 3 mil resolution.. Running on AAA batteries, or a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the 1600 series can operate all day long to work across shifts and increase productivity. While it can also function as a memory scanner holding up to 240,000 scans, the Bluetooth? connectivity enables instantaneous data transmission to Smartphones and PDAs, keeping your back-end system updated.